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......@@ -6,8 +8,8 @@ Requirements
We try to keep the dependencies as little as possible. Current dependencies are:
- BioSeqDataLib
- boost
- BioSeqDataLib( (can be added via git submodule)
- boost ( (>= 1.56)
- OpenMP (optional for multi-thread support)
......@@ -28,15 +30,7 @@ We try our best not to have any bugs in the code, unfortunately some will
probably avoid us. If you encounter one, please be so kind and let us know. The
easiest way would be to use the issue webpage of the gitlab repository:
If you have any questions/suggestions please contact
Carsten Kemena (c.kemena[ at ]
If you have any questions/suggestions please contact us (domainWorld[ at ]
Please stick to the format (intention etc.) used in this project. Please
document each function using doxygen and write a unit test using the Boost
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